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Are You Effectively Capturing Your Customers Contact Details?

March 31, 20241 min read

Hi {{contact.first_name}},

Last weekend I visited a farmers market.

Lots of great businesses were there with some amazing products.

But as somebody who helps businesses grow, my attention quickly turned to their marketing.

It never fails to amaze me how many retailers simply leave money on the table.

The farmers market didn’t fail to disappoint, in this regard.

The stalls were all doing a good job in general.

The problem was, they were all focused on maximising their sales ONLY for that one day.

Not one of them had given any thought to the possibility of potential future sales.

And as a result, they all left money on the table.

As a business owner, you MUST collect the contact details of your customers.

Every stall holder at the market would have gained multiple new customers that day.

Yet none of them were effectively capturing the contact details of their customers.

More focused on a one-off sale rather than building relationships.

Relationships are where you’ll find the real money.

Capturing the contact details of your customers, is critical when it comes to growing your business.

And once you have their details, you must communicate with them.

Email is still very powerful, when done properly.

You should be building your list and sending out emails.

Every week of the year.

Use it to provide them with value.

Make friends and help people.

Loyalty Schemes and customer clubs are a great way for retailers to build their lists.

And if you haven’t got one in place, perhaps you should give it some thought?

And if you have got one in place, are you utilising its full potential?

Something for you to mull over perhaps.

Have a great week.


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