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Welcomed With Open Arms

April 07, 20242 min read

I was saddened this week to hear of the passing of London Butcher David Lidgate.

David was an absolute Gentleman.

As a young boy I remember staying near Holland Park, with my Mum and Dad.

As well as going to the theatre, my dad insisted we went to see a Butchers shop nearby.

It was called Lidgate’s.

Talk about a busman’s holiday.

Almost two decades later, in the late Nineties, I visited the same shop again.

This time as a Q Guild butcher.

I’d never met David in person, but on entering the shop and introducing myself, I was welcomed with open arms.

Unbelievably, David was in the midst of an intense audit when I arrived.

Despite this, he insisted on showing me around the shop.

Passion oozed from him.

I’ll never forget our conversations that day.

David shared his passion for Scotch Beef and his reasoning behind it.

He also shared his use of pictures, displaying live animals.

He felt younger people were losing the connection between them and the meat he sold.

We talked about so much, and I was blown away by his passion.

David shaped a part of my future that day.

To be successful in any business you must ooze passion.

If you’re not passionate about the industry you work in and the job you do, success will be difficult, if not impossible.

David knew how to make friends and help people.

He loved sharing his knowledge.

The time David gave me that day made a lasting impression.

Ever since my visit, any person visiting our shop has been welcomed with open arms.

I’ve shown them around and had great conversations with them.

Filled with passion.

David taught me that.

I’ve been so lucky to have met some great people during my career.

They’ve helped shape my journey.

David was one of them.

A true gentleman.

RIP David.

Have a passion filled week.


My thoughts and prayers are with Danny and all the Lidgate family.

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