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Where is Your Horizon?

March 17, 20242 min read

This week I was in London.

I travelled down from the North-east on the train, something I haven’t done a lot of since COVID.

Fortunately, the journey went smoothly, and I was able to enjoy some time on the train reflecting on life.

One of the things that came to mind was a conversation I’d had with one of my ‘One to One’ coaching clients.

You see, sometimes growing your business can be overwhelming.

To grow, you have to try new things.

Learn to think a little differently.

Learn to act a little differently.

And while doing this, you must continue coping with the day-to-day chores that just keep coming.

This can be challenging.

It can totally overwhelm some people.

To the point where you don’t do any of the important stuff.

You become frozen and stuck in the day to day.

Talking about what needs to be done, but not doing any of the important things to grow your business.

Neil was feeling overwhelmed too.

The problem was, Neil was looking at all the things that had to be completed.

Looking at all the things that had to be completed to achieve his end goal.

It was becoming so overwhelming that he didn’t know where to start.

And as a result, he was struggling to implement anything new into his business.

I told Neil that looking at the end result of everything that needs to be done to reach your end goal, is a bit like looking at the horizon.

It’s miles away.

The only way to get there is to make a start.

Start taking steps in the right direction.

Baby steps to start with.

Break down what needs to be done and start making progress.

Yes, there will be challenges that get in the way.

Delays, distractions and obstacles – things won’t always go smoothly.

You’ll make mistakes and you’ll learn from them.

But by consistently taking steps in the right direction, evaluating as you go, eventually you’ll arrive at your destination.

Your horizon.

Of course, then the problem is you never truly arrive at the horizon.

It just keeps moving.

As your business grows and you move forward, so does the horizon.

However, the important point is, you must keep moving forward.

One step at a time.

That’s what all successful retailers, business owners and entrepreneurs do.

You just have to make a start.

Momentum will follow.

And you will succeed.

So, what steps could you start taking right now?

Something to think about perhaps.

Have a great week.


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